Wilson Muscadin isn’t your average personal finance expert.

As a millennial, an MBA, a financial coach, and a Certified Financial Education Instructor with over 14 years of experience in the financial services industry with firms such as Fidelity Investments and Chubb Insurance, Wilson is passionate about empowering individuals to take ownership and control of their financial futures.

Wilson shares his personal experience of paying off over $100K in student loans in 4 years and professional experience coaching both individuals and couples to bring more than just quality information, but tangible and practical tools to transform our relationship with money.

Wilson’s most common presentations and workshops include the one or more of the following topics:

  • Becoming the CFO of Your Personal Finances
  • Maximizing Your Employee Benefits
  • The Importance of Emergency Funds
  • Cashflow For the Win: Budgeting 101
  • Money Mindset – Free Your Mind to Free Your Money   
  • Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle
  • Rich vs. Wealth – Building Your Net Worth
  • The Money Talk: Getting Couples On the Same Page Financially
  • Credit Where Credit is Due: Building Your Credit

With such a personal topic, it’s important for the conversation to be individualized, dynamic, relevant and fun. Wilson mixes lecture with interactive exercises, handouts and Q&A.

All presentations and workshops are customized based on your individual needs and can be tailored to fit your budget.

Happy Clients include:
+ More!